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Please provide a current resume. Be sure to include your educational background and work experience. Please list any classes or workshops you have taken at PCC or elsewhere you think would be helpful to you as an employee of the Women's Resource Center. Please upload only .doc or .pdf formatted files.
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Miscellaneous Questions

Please answer the following:
Please list any clubs or student organizations you belong to at PCC.
Have you taken any Women's Studies classes? If yes, which one/s?
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Supplemental Questions

In a word processing document type your answer to each of the following questions:

1) Please describe your reasons for wanting to work as a Student Advocate in the Women's Resource Center.

2) What strengths, skills, and experience would you bring to your work at the Women's Resource Center?

3) What kinds of volunteer or extra-curricular activities have you been involved in either on campus or in the community? Approximately how many hours did you participate in the activity?

4) List any particular projects/events you would be interested in implementing for the campus.

5) Working in the Women's Resource Center requires an understanding of the many issues present in women's lives, and empathy for the impact those issues might have on individual women. Please describe any experiences you've had which you feel have prepared you to work in the Women's Resource Center.

6) Describe two ways in which sexism affects women's lives.

7) The Women's Leadership program requires the ability to follow through on commitments, personal initiative and good attendance. Please describe your experience in these areas.
Please upload your answers. Note: they must be saved in either a .doc or .pdf format *

Letters of Recommendation

Please upload two letters of Recommendation. One from a PCC instructor and one from a person in the community (not a friend or family member) who is familiar with your academic abilities, achievements, involvement in your community, and knowledge about issues concerning women.
Please upload your letter of recommendation (.doc or .pdf format). *
Please upload your letter of recommendation (.doc or .pdf format). *

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By clicking the box below, I acknowledge that the information I have provided in this application (including the accompanying responses to the seven supplemental questions) is valid. I have made the effort to accurately represent myself as a candidate for the PCC Cascade Women's Resource Center Student Advocate position. I understand that access to my academic records will continue throughout my employment as a Women's Resource Center staff member and that I may be placed on job probation and/or am subject to dismissal if I fail to maintain 6 credits at Cascade and/or in good academic standing with the college.
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 I have read the above statement and affirm that my application is accurate to the best of my knowledge. 
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