Knowing Today's Real Estate Trends

Everyone knows today's real estate trend. This is helpful to realtors so they would know where to look for their market. This is helpful to property owners and buyers too so they can choose which process will work out to their advantage. The home guides can also be valuable to anyone buying or selling homes.

According to statistics, this is the trend going around in the real estate industry:

Buying is a lot cheaper than renting

Around 35% households in the country find it more practical to purchase a home than renting one. When the millennial households were surveyed, 23% of them opt to buy a home than renting it. When Americans were asked about the price increase in rentals, 58% of them believed that it will increase in the succeeding 12 months. However, some are still optimistic since 34% of the country's residents believe that there will be no increase of home rentals in the next 12 months. However, 63% of Americans are determined to buy a home if given the chance to move now.

Internet as a source of information

When it comes to real estate topics, most people turn to the internet for information. In fact, according to a survey, 43% of property buyers turn to the internet when searching for a property to rent or when planning to sell one. And 51% of today's millennial admitted that they found their home through online search. Though some will only go online in their initial search, 89% of the country's population found themselves using this technology throughout the home buying or selling process. Many find this process very convenient. Around 78% of home buyers said that it only took them 3 sites to surf before they finally made the final decision to buy the home.

Next to the internet comes the real estate agent, then the tablet or mobile application. However, despite all the conveniences offered by today's modern technology, we can't deny the fact that real estate agents can't be omitted on the list. Their valuable help makes the real estate transaction easier on your part. They will assist you to find the right place to stay. They will also represent you well in the selling process. They have mastered price negotiations and can determine the comparable homes that are being sold. Of course, real estate agents also do the paper work for you.

If you are selling a property, the real estate agent can market it to potential buyers. They know how to set competitive prices, find a buyer and increase the property's value. They also know the software to use that contains the best real estate showing feedback questions. Pro Agent Solutions is one of them. This is one of their selling secrets. It comes with an automated showing feedback system feature. It is also best in managing the customer relationship and is also equipped with SMS Text Marketing feature. Hence, if you are a sales agent or a broker, this technology can surely help you deliver a top-notch service to your clients. 

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