Alfred Dealer Website Access Form
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  • Terms & Conditions

    By submitting this document, Reseller Owner or Manager hereby grants a named Employee permission to log in to secure zones on Alfred’s dealer website to obtain confidential data related to the Reseller’s business relationship with Alfred, including purchasing history, trade discount, and other sensitive data. Employee and Reseller agree to utilize information obtained from Alfred’s dealer website only for business purposes internal to named Reseller. Employee and Reseller Owner/Manager agree not to share log-in password or other confidential data with any other party.
  • Termination Agreement

    A Reseller Employee’s password may be terminated at any time. Reseller owner or manager may terminate an Employee’s password by calling 800-292-6122 or emailing their Alfred representative. Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. also reserves the right to terminate access to a Reseller Employee at any time without notice.