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 A new website? 
 A makeover for an existing website? 
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How many pages do you expect to have in your website?
Website Content
Do you...
 have your own edited content? 
 have content but it needs editing? 
 need Webbella to write and edit all website content? 
Do you...
 have all the graphics/images you want included in your site? 
 have logos and artwork but need images? 
 need Webbella to design logos and/or artwork and provide images? 
Search Engine Optimization
What SEO services will your website need?
 None. We don't expect to benefit by ranking high on search engines. 
 We have our own SEO person. 
 We need initial SEO for website set-up. (Meta data, etc.) 
 We need continuing SEO analysis and support.  
What kind of website would you prefer?
 haven't the foggiest. 
Will you need versions of your website available in other languages?
If so, list languages.
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 ASAP! (1-2 weeks) 
 Pronto. (1-2 months) 
 No rush. (within the next six months) 
Please list any specific features you want to include in your website.
e.g. image galleries, video, widgets, etc.
Please list any websites you admire and would like yours to emulate.
Are you interested in social media marketing for your website?
Please name if you prefer a specific Webellan to design your website.
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 Google search 
 Word of mouth 
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