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One Canvas One Soul Project


*Canvas Poetry (One Canvas One Soul) accepts open submissions (no submission deadlines).
*Potential themed "editions" are in the works. Bookmark the canvas for updates.
*All submissions of art and or poetry/prose must have a title.
*The Canvas is geared toward a general/family audience. Any violent, profane, hateful, etc. material will be deleted and not considered for the site.
*Please wait one month before you submit again.
*Please allow 1-2 weeks for review of your submission.

Poetry & Prose:
*Writers can contribute their work for the following categories: Canvas Poets, Prose, Versed Biographies, Tales of the Notebook, In Poetic Formation, Writer's RX.
*For poetry and prose the blog accepts any style, subject and format. However, please keep in mind this blog has a general audience.(Some other categories like Versed Biographies, In Poetic Formation and Tales from the Notebook are specifically themed.)
Poetry pieces: 5 (if short pieces) 3 (if longer, epic types)
Prose Pieces 1-2.
for prose please limit the word count to 500-700
(categories: Prose/short stories, Versed Biographies, Tales of the Notebook, In Poetic *Formation, Writer's RX)
*double spaced, 12 pt font.
*regualr contributors will have a subcategory in Canvas Poets!

*The Canvas takes any medium: paintings, drawings/sketches, photograpghy, mixed media, etc.
*submit only GIFs or JPEGs.
*please limit size to 2MB or less.
*submit 5 pieces at a time.

1.)Only send original work which was created by you!
2.)Authors and artists retain ALL copyrights. (However, the Canvas does ask its contributors to link back.)
3.)The Canvas has the right to edit minor spelling and grammatical errors. However, the author will be contacted with any questions: (was this deliberate in the poem, etc?)
4.)No contributors' work will ever be used to promote the site or blog. However, your contributions will occur in our RSS feeds on our social media profiles.
5.)Contributors will receive e-mail(s) upon acceptance/confirmation notice. These e-mail(s) will consist of the date posted, author info, URL...


P.S–I understand that the lack of monetary payment for your work isn’t much of an incentive for you to submit your work. Especially in these times. Maybe monetary payment for contributions to this blog will be realized in the distant future. Until then, I invite you to write from your hearts. For the love of it. And look to this blog’s side panel for resources. I hope this doesn’t discourage you from submitting your work. Art is a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be polluted by greed. Let’s create for the love of what we do! Look for venues that will promote our work and then seek the figures we want. Let’s write to make the world a better place–this is the main mission of this blog and its site counterpart.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to reading your work. In the mean time please thumb through the blog/site comment if you’d like.

  • If you are submitting material for the poetry blog you must fill this out. For a description of the categories go here!
  • If you are submitting your artwork please choose a category. (this helps with gallery classification)
  • Provide 4-5 words that best describe your art. use commas to separate them.
  • If you prefer to type in your poem or prose rather than uploading, type it here.
  • Provide a brief bio about yourself. (2-3 sentences)
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