Please use this form to apply for membership.
Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions on the website.
  • The name you want to be known as and listed in the PAOS directory (brochure) and on the website as (i.e same as an actors stage name is used)
  • your contact address will not be listed in the directory (brochure), only the venue address is listed in the directory (brochure), please enter the venue address further down this form.
  • to be included in both the directory (brochure) and on the website
  • Only one address can be listed as your PAOS venue in the directory (brochure). Please organise your event to be as easily found as possible, Members using multiple addresses over three weekends has led to undue confusion in the past. Additional venue addresses in the notes below will be disregarded by the brochure team. You can add information about other venues and addresses to the website throughout the year.
  • The host is held liable for any PAOS fees due of any other artists exhibiting with them. The fees are: individual artist members £45, groups of 8+ £180, large venues ie over 16 artists £320. Any host artist who brings in non PE postcode residing artists either accidently or otherwise will be liable to pay a tariff of £100 per artist for any time spent selling, exhibiting, teaching or demonstrating their work inside or in the near vicinity of the host's listed PAOS venue should a PE or non PE postcode residing artist be perceived as benefiting from the PAOS promotion by the committee.

    The committee will invoice the host should an agreement not be arranged and put in writing prior to the PAOS event weekends. If in doubt please contact a member of the committee for an informal discussion before sending your form in.
  • Please fill in the number if this is relevant to you
  • Tell us about your work in no more than 30 words. No formatting please. This is your directory (brochure) entry, so should be aimed at positively encouraging visitors to want to see your art and workspace. As such this doesn't need to be your C.V. more a description of method, practice and results they, the visitor, will benefit from.

    There is room on the website to bulk out and support the 30 word brochure text.
  • Yes
    Are you open at other times by appointment?
    Will you be giving demonstrations?
    Do you offer tuition?
    Will your garden be open to visitors?
    Will you serve refreshments?
    Do you accept commissions?
  • Please attach one high resolution image of your work for the directory as a jpg file (must be between 1 and 2 MB)
  • If you are not the host artist please obtain the opening times prior to submitting this form.

    Please enter as the 24 hour clock i.e. 0900 - 1430 hrs
  • Saturday Sunday Closed both days
    Weekend one 29th/30th June 2019
    Weekend two 6th/7th July 2019
    Weekend three 13th/14th July 2019
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