Directory of Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapists
If you are a member (at any level) of Hypnosis New Zealand, you may apply for a FREE LISTING in our Directory of Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapists.

NB: Listings are for HYPNOTHERAPY ONLY.
  • If you have a business name that you practice under and would like it included in your listing, please add it here.
  • If you are a Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, please quote your Registration Number from the bottom of your Annual Registration Certificate.
  • These are courses that you actually attended in person. (Please do not include online courses.)
  • These are online, video, or other home study type courses where there is no actual classroom time.
  • These should relating to the courses you've listed above and to actual certificates you hold for completing training, experience and examination requirements of those courses.
    EG: Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy.
    NB: Copies may be requested.
  • List a MAXIMUM of 5 of issues with SHORT descriptions only. Please avoid medical terms and words such as: help, treatment, relief, etc.
  • Please mark the area closest to your practice.
  • If you practice in a large major city, you may also like to add your suburb. You may also add your street address if you wish.
  • Landline, Freephone, or Mobile
    You may provide up to 3 contact numbers. Please provide them in the order you'd like them shown on your listing.
  • Landline, Freephone, or Mobile
  • Landline, Freephone, or Mobile
  • EG:
  • Please provide your website page where you have placed a link back to (NOTE: We will only add a link to your website if you have a link back to ours.)
  • Please provide a recent photo of yourself so we can add it to your listing. Only PNG, JPG, or GIF file formats of less than 2Mb in size are acceptable.
    (NOTE: If we already have a suitable photo of you, you may ignore this field.)
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