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This application form is for the dogs listed WITHOUT a phone number on our website. Those listed under 'Other Dogs' on our website with a phone number are a separate rescue, please contact them directly.

We also allow an independent rescuer Lisa Carslake to post dogs on our Facebook page and use this application form, please note these dogs are NOT Holbrook dogs and all enquiries should be directed to her.

We have around 20 dogs at Holbrook, as we do not have kennel facilities they run around together and play, because of this most of our dogs will require a COMPANION DOG (there are a few exceptions that will be noted in their description) We have some dogs in local foster, these are often older dogs.

We help English, Greek and Romanian dogs here, the foreign dogs will have a passport and be vaccinated and chipped and neutered or spayed if they are old enough.

Please read the below and only proceed with the form if you agree to the below:

The donation we ask for the English dogs is £170-£250 (the higher fee is for young pedigree types) and the minimum donation to pay towards transport for our Greek dogs and puppies is £300, Romanian dogs are £225 or £240 depending on travel costs.

Please be advised that we cannot home a puppy to a home where it would be left alone for more than a couple of hours, as puppies need company and stimulation or they can develop destructive habits. Additionally we like our puppies to go to a home with an existing companion dog.

Best Regards,

Holbrook Animal Rescue

PS: Don't be shy, please give as much information as possible!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please put this in the last section on the form.
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