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Is this novel a Christian Novel? *
The presence of a Christian character, the use of Christian phrases and scripture, or being "clean" in regards to sex and violence does NOT necessarily make the story a Christian novel. To be considered a Christian Novel, the book should have a Biblical Worldview acknowledged in the text, one or more characters' Christian beliefs are blended with and form a part of the story thread. There should also be no graphic sex or violence scenes, inappropriate/gratuitous flaunting of sin, or profanity.
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Please do not enter a book that cannot be purchased online.
Geographical Location *
Only add locations in which the MAJORITY of the book takes place.
Country, State (Major City if applicable) or Worldwide, Several US States and At Sea are choices. If you have somewhere special like a castle, asylum, orphanage, Smoky Mountains, etc. where the MAJORITY of the story takes place, include that too.
Time Period *
Please give me dates if possible
Historical Event
Ex. War, plagues, etc.
Only add Events that majorly figure into the plot of the book.
Character Types
Tell me if your main characters are a certain ethnicity, famous, pregnant, mail-order brides, immigrants, disabled, blind, widows, etc.
Main Characters' Occupations
Only add the Occupations of the main character, or hero and heroine if a romance.
Familar Storylines
If the book follows a particular storyline, like Love Triangle, Marriage of Conenience, Mystery, Time Travel, Past/Present Plot, Biblical or Literary Allusions, True Crime, Young Adult Literature, etc.
Misc. Interests
Does this book have a special interest subject?

Here are some ideas. Abuse, Amnesia, Arranged Marriage, Aviation, British Colonial Rule, Castles, Celts, Divorce, Holiday Theme, Illness, Infertility, Miscarriage, Railroad, Religious Persecution, Enthusiasts, Wagon Train, Witches, Women's Suffrage, etc.
SHORT Blurb - Back Cover Copy - Pitch *
Where there any categories you didn't see that you wish you could have searched for in this index?
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