Training Inquiry
Thank you for your training inquiry. Use this form to communicate training needs other than what is posted on the training calendar.

Please note: We will make every effort to arrange your request, however approval is subject to trainer and location availability.
  • Training by Request Guidelines

    Submit training request to Volunteer Development a minimum of 14 business days before the requested date.
    Please check the current training course calendar to see if a similar class is already on the schedule.
    A minimum of 10 participants is required to begin the Training by Request process.
    All participants must pre-register for the requested class using online registration.
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  • This is your orientation to leading a troop in Orange County and required of all 01 and 02 Leaders.
  • Training for troop leaders that covers skills and tips useful in managing your troop and required within 3 months of starting your troop.
  • Training for troop leaders, and responsible adults who wish to to plan outdoor adventures.
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  • If "Other" or "SU Meeting Location", please specify above. If the location is not a GSOC program center, please attach a map and directions.
  • Please attach your map and directions here.
  • Contact Information

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  • If "OTHER" Please explain below:
  • If "OTHER", please specify below:
  • If "No" please explain above why this training is not applicable for all council members.
  • Please know this is only a request which is subject to Volunteer Development manager approval, as well as trainer and program center availability.