The Climate Friendly Zone Commitment Statement
Greenhouse gases play a critical role in regulating the earth's climate. Their steady rise over the past several decades has resulted in some of the warmest years on record and an increase in destructive extreme weather events. On a per capita basis, Saskatchewan greenhouse gas emissions are three times the Canadian average and ten times the global average.

The good news is, you can be a part of the solution. The Climate Friendly Zone (CFZ) campaign aims to create a visible presence of support for action on climate change in Saskatchewan by distributing decals to concerned and committed residents, businesses and organizations. By signing the statements below, you are committing to action to reduce your personal greenhouse gas emissions as well as supporting climate-friendly policies. After you have submitted your contact information we will mail you a Climate Friendly Zone decal to display.

We usually ask for a $1-$2 donation to cover the cost of the decal. Please consider donating to the CFZ campaign by clicking the ‘donate’ button on the right side at Thank you!
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  • Use your mouse to sign your name. By doing so, you are committing to the Climate Friendly Zone campaign, and recognizing the need for urgent action to address climate change.
  • Thank you for participating in the Climate Friendly Zone campaign. Please save this page for your records, as it displays the commitments you have proudly made.

    Please contact the SES office at or 306.665.1915 with any questions.