South Dakota State Soccer Association
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    An individual my be nominated and selected as the Volunteer of the Year for extraordinary accomplishments as a volunteer if the individual:
    (1) was a volunteer for SDSSA or a member of SDSSA
    (2) is an excellent role model fo rthe community beyond soccer
    (3) has favorable relations with other members of the soccer community
    (4) demonstrates a willingness to promote players and soccer
    (5) is a positive role model for all volunteers
    (6) is of sound moral and ethical character
    (7) through participation has increased the opportunities for others to participate in soccer
    (8) has not previously received national or other significant recognition from US Youth Soccer for contributions to socccer, but is well known in his or her community and is a true hero of grassroots soccer
    (9) has not received any compensation for the volunteer efforts
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  • Criteria:

    Responses to each of the following 3 criteria should be kept to a maximum of 400 words each.
  • (1) Involvement with soccer and community:

    How and when did the nominated volunteer get involved with soccer? What impact has his/her volunteering had on the local association? Has the volunteer demonstrated leadership within the community? How so? What other activities, aside from soccer, the volunteer involved in?
  • (2) Promoting the game:

    What steps has the volunteer taken to further advance the game and all who participate? Does the volunteer participate in soccer outside his/her position as a volunteer (i.e. playing, coaching, or refereeing)? Has teh volunteer created relationships within the community to promote the game? Give some examples
  • (3) Moral and Ethical Character:

    Does the volunteer share similar values to those of US Youth Soccer and its members? Has the volunteer received compensation for his/her efforts? How has the volunteer's involvement with soccer shaped his/her existing character?
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  • Submit this Nomination form by October 12th

    This nomination form should be submitted by OCTOBER 12TH. Along with this form, email at least one but no more than three letters of recommendation to office@southdakotasoccer.com.
  • The winners of each of the 55 State Associations will be forwarded for regional nomination and possible national nomination as the 2013 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year in each of the four categories. Regional nominees will be honored at the 2014 US Youth Soccer Workshop in Philadelphia.