2014 Autumn Escape Proposal Form
Leadership Session Request for Proposals Form
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  • Session Information

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    Hands-On Workshop
    Traditional Presenation
    Roundtable Discussion
  • First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Not Applicable
    90 minutes
    2 hours
    3 hours
  • Presenter Guidelines

    The overall quality and spirit of Autumn Escape depends on our presenters. By submitting a proposal for our 5th Annual Autumn Escape, we ask that you agree to:

    Complete pre-conference planning for your presentation, including consulting with co-presenters (if any), preparing high-quality visuals and handouts, and rehearsing your presentation so that it is interactive and flows, keeping the audience engaged. (Please don’t read from notes or PowerPoint slides.)

    Submit sample workshop handouts by August 15.

    Arrive early (at camp at least one hour before your session and at session location at least 20 minutes before the start time) so you are ready before the audience arrives.

    Be respectful of your audience and the next presenter by ending on time and stepping out of the room to continue conversations past your end time.

    Leave time for questions at the end of your session and include your contact information if someone wants to follow up with you.

    Clean up your area immediately following your session.

    Give us at least 72 hours notice if there is an emergency and you can’t present. We do not want to leave your audience waiting.