Schedule a K7RPT Repeater
To schedule one or more repeaters belonging to ARRG, please fill out the form below. It is important that you schedule your repeater early in the year because the system gets pretty busy carrying events throughout the summer. After you submit this form, you will be contacted by our staff to confirm your repeater reservation and/or to discuss your request.
If you don't hear back from our team within 7 days or this is an emergency reservation, please contact to expedite your request.

Important: You must receive a confirmation email from our team actually get your reservation on the repeater calendar.

All annual repeater use permits expire on December 31st of each year. Please re-submit your application (with your updated contact info) before the start of the new year to keep your reservation and use permit in place.
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  • We do not share your email with anyone.
  • It's important that all Net Managers, Event Staff and ARES Leaders support the repeaters they use. Not only does it set a good example for your members, it allows us to continue to provide our wide area repeater systems for your use. While ARRG does not require that the applicant be a supporting member, if you are a member, it opens up the perks of using the K7RPT repeater system, specifically allowing your use of the AUTOPATCH, IRLP and ECHOLINK system. To become a Supporting Member of ARRG please visit
  • Contact & Repeater Scheduling Info

  • Please list the REPEATER and the AREA you wish to reserve.
    Portland Area selections include:
    147.040 + 100Hz @ KOIN Tower Sylvan
    442.225 + 100Hz @ KOIN Tower Sylvan FM/DIGI
    444.400 + 100Hz @ Chehelam Ridge - this repeater is linked f/t with 442.225 @ KOIN
    147.380 + 114.8Hz KATU Tower @ Skyline
    Portland Westside:
    147.380 + 100Hz @ Cedar Mill
    443.750 + 100Hz @ Cedar Mill
    -both Cedar Mill rptrs are linked F/T
    147.320 + 100Hz @ South Saddle
    442.325 + 100Hz @ South Saddle
    -both South Saddle rptrs are linked f/t
    Portland East - Mount Hood
    147.120 + 100Hz @ Mt. Hood
    444.225 + 100Hz @ Mt. Hood
    -both the Hood repeaters are linked f/t AND linked to the 2 Central Oregon Repeaters below.
    442.225 + 114.8Hz @ Eagle Butte (Warm Springs)
    147.040 + 114.8Hz @ Cinder Butte Redmond
    147.260 LaGrande
    145.330 Pendleton
    147.020 Medford
  • ARRG has full Internet IRLP and ECHOLINK facilites available on most of our repeater systems her ein the PDX Metro area.

    1- Using the ARRG IRLP for wider area or multiple ARRG or non-ARRG Repeater linking.
    2- ECHOLINK is available on most ARRG Repeaters allowing Net Controls, Race/Event Staff the ability to use their IPHONE , IPAD, PDA, PC, Laptop, Razor or ANDROID cellphone to link in via cell/wifi/3g/4g or other internet link during the entire event.
  • Please list your Net Control Manger, Callsign and Emergency phone Number here
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