Empowered Kids Junior Volunteer Application
Have you ever wished you could be part of something that could truly impact the future? Join the Empowered Kids team and let God show you how He can do extraordinary things through ordinary people like you!

Commit a few hours of your time to the Lord and watch how He magnifies the impact in the life of a child as well as your own. Please complete the form below if you are interested in serving in this ministry.

    Must be 12yrs. old and in 7th-12th grade

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  • Please list another email belonging to your mom, dad or other family member

    The following questions are designed to give us information which will assist us in filling available Children’s Ministry positions. We are not looking for professionals, but rather individuals with a strong commitment to ministry and a growing faith in Jesus Christ. Please understand that any person who may pose a threat to children, youth, or others will be prohibited from working in any ministry involving children, youth, or vulnerable adults.

  • Years Months
    Please note that all volunteers must have attended WOL for at least 6 months prior to serving.
  • I'm interested in serving with:

  • First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Interested
    Nursery - Babies (must be 16)
    Nursery - 1 yr. olds
    Nursery - 2 yr. olds
    Elementary - 1st/2nd Grade
    Elementary - 3rd/4th Grade (must be in 9th grade or higher)
    Worship Team - 1's & 2's
    Worship Team - Preschool & Elementary
    Stage Arts (I want to): Act
    Stage Arts (I want to): Work with puppets
    Media Team
    EK2 (Special Needs - Sundays only)
    Awana (Wed. nights @ 6:30p)
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  • Please answer the following questions:


    Complete the rest of the application below. When you’re finished, you may turn it in to the Empowered Kids table located on the Concourse, an EK staff member in the Family Lobby, or email it to childrens@wateroflifecc.org.

    Complete an online Orientation Training. Please note that you must complete this training before you are able to serve.

    To access the online training, visit wateroflifecc.org/ekvolunteerorientation

    Password: servewithek


  • Please list two references, who have known you for more than one year. Do NOT use relatives. References should have knowledge of and experience with the applicant’s qualification to work with children, youth, and others. For the safety of all involved, this ministry is committed to calling these references when processing this application.

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  • Please read the following expectations then sign below.

    As a Junior Volunteer, you are a role model to younger children. To continue your own personal spiritual growth you should regularly attend a worship or youth service. Your behavior should reflect: a genuine interest in younger children, respect for adults and peers, neat personal appearance (facial jewelry must be removed), and faithful to your assigned schedule, proactive and responsible if absence is needed. You should be prepared for class, arrive on time, listen to instructions and be helpful.

    The following is NOT allowed while serving in the classroom:

    Talking or texting on cell phones, eating or drinking food, visiting with friends, leaving the classroom for any reason without permission. To remain a part of EK’s Volunteer team in good standing: attend trainings and ministry events such as VBS, and serve your schedule as assigned. No-shows or excessive call offs are not acceptable.

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    For the safety of each child attending Empowered Kids, for the safety of our ministry volunteers and for the protection of our church, Water of Life Community Church, each person working in any Children's Ministry department (Nursery - 6th grade) must have an Application For Empowered Kids completed and approved by ministerial staff and on file at WOL. Each Empowered Kids volunteer must be familiar with and agree to abide by the Empowered Kids Adult/Child policy.

  • General Policy Involving Empowered Kids Ministry Adult/Child Interaction.
  • Empowered Kids Ministry Volunteer Statement

    I have read each provision in the Empowered Kids Adult/ Child Policy and I understand, and agree with and will comply with each provision.

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  • Dear Parents,

    Your child wishes to apply to serve with Empowered Kids Children’s Ministry at Water of Life Community Church as a junior volunteer. Please review the following information with your child which outlines the expectation of helping in one of our classrooms.

    As a parent, your approval and support is very important to the success and experience your child has while serving. As a part of the Empowered Kids team, they will learn about faithfulness, leadership, teaching and serving others.

    Your child is making a commitment that should not be taken lightly. Just as we would expect an adult to fulfill the commitment they make, we expect youth to keep their commitment as well. However, your youth can only be as committed as you help them to be. When selecting an area to serve please refer to the following guidelines:

    Department/Classroom/Minimum Age to Serve

    *Nursery - Infants - 16 years old

    *Nursery - 1's & 2's - 12 years old

    *Preschool - 3's, 4's, 5's - 12 years old

    *Elementary - 1st/2nd grade - 12 years old

    *Elementary - 3rd/4th grade - 15 years old (or in 9th grade or higher)

    *Special Needs (EK2) - Building A - 12 years old

    If your child is under the minimum age requirement, please talk to a ministry staff member about how you as a parent can serve together with your child.

    All volunteers should have been consistently attending Water of Life Community Church for at least 6 months prior to serving in the classroom.

  • Things to Remember as a Junior Volunteer:

    1. Commit to serve 2-4 times a month for a minimum of 6 months

    2. Arrive on time! Please make sure you arrive 1 hour before service starts, and stay until you are dismissed by your Team Leader

    3. You will be given an Empowered Kids t-shirt and name badge from your Department Coordinator. You MUST wear them every time you serve.

    4. Continue to attend a WOL service weekly. Attend Activate or attend the adult service with parents.

    5. Display positive & proper attitudes and respect toward authority and peers as they serve in the classroom.

    6. Remain in good standing with your class Team Leader. Your Team Leader has the authority & final say as to whether a youth will be permitted to help during their class.

    7. Be responsible and call your Team Leader or Dept. Coordinator if an emergency comes up and you aren’t able to serve at your scheduled service. If you don’t show up or call 3 times in a row, you will no longer be able to serve in Empowered Kids.

    8. Attend additional mandatory trainings (Power Sessions) once a quarter.

    9. DON’T...

    Bring friends into the classroom with you to work. Only approved workers can work in a class.

    Wear any facial piercings (they must be removed while serving), and cover any large tattoos.

    Use your cell phone (including texting) during your ministry time!

  • Have additional questions? We’d love to speak with you!

    Please contact our ministry office at: 909-463-0103 x4231 childrens@wateroflifecc.org