South Dakota State Soccer Association
submit by October 15th
  • Have you been really impressed with the television, radio or newspaper coverage of a soccer event? Or maybe ongoing coverage of a variety of soccer events? Would you like to let them know how much you appreciate their support of the beautiful sport of soccer? If so, SDSSA would like to hear from you.
    Our friends in the media are uniquely positioned to help get the word out about soccer, and we want to recognize and show our appreciation for their efforts. On an annual basis, SDSSA will pay tribute to South Dakota’s media who provide outstanding coverage of soccer events and activities with our “Friend of Soccer” media award!
    Each year, one media company will be selected for this award and will be honored at the SD State Soccer Association Annual General Membership meeting and Awards/Recognition Banquet. If there are enough nominees, awards may be given for two categories of newspaper/magazine and television/radio.

    • Media candidates must have provided positive coverage of one or more soccer events since the previous SDSSA AGM
    • Media candidate may be a station or newspaper, or an individual reporter.
    • Media candidate should be involved in their community outside of soccer and an excellent role model in their community.
    • Media candidate should have a favorable relationship with other members of the South Dakota soccer community.
    • Personal statement of “involvement.”
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  • If nominating an individual reporter, please include employer
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  • Describe coverage for which the nomination is being made (include samples if available).

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  • Submit this Nomination form by October 15th

    This nomination form should be submitted by OCTOBER 15TH. Along with this form, email at least one but no more than three letters of recommendation, and samples of the coverage to office@southdakotasoccer.com.