Integrity Home Inspection - Inspection Request
Please complete all fields prior to submitting. Or, call 217-303-8633 and we will be happy to take the information from you. You MUST click the " submit inspection request" at the bottom of the form when completed. A window saying "thank you" will indicate a successful send.
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  • Finished square footage is the finished area of the home. If the a 1 story ranch home on a full basement has 1200 square feet of livable space, and the basement is half finished (600), the total would be 1800.
  • One Radon testing unit is required for each foundation type in a home. If a home has a basement, a crawlspace & a slab, then 3 Radon testing units will be required. If the home is over 2000 sq ft on the 1st level, an additional unit will be required. (Discounted additional charges apply for each additional unit.)
  • $50 discount applies if done with inspection or radon test.
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    We will try our best to honor your request. If the time requested is already filled, we will work with you to schedule at our soonest available opening. Either way, we will contact you to schedule your inspection.
  • A morning inspection typically will have a 11:00 on site re-cap. (if desired)
    An afternoon inspection typically will have a 4:00 on site re-cap. (if desired)
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