PA Statistics Poster Competition
2013 Registration Form
SUBMIT ONLY ONE FORM PER POSTER - Please email any revisions to SFU Science Outreach Center at
  • The highest grade represented by any team member will determine the entry category.
  • Student Names

    Students may work individually or in teams. Grade level categories 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 may have up to four students on a team. For the K-3 grade level category, a team may consist of up to an entire class. Enter K-3 team name (over 4 students) where indicated below.
  • Teacher, parent, or mentor contact information:

    If the poster is being submitted by a parent or mentor and is not being submitted by a teacher through his/her classroom/school please insert your contact information into the fields below, where appropriate.
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  • •All posters submitted become the property of the competition organizers as a "work for hire" under the copyright act, and will not be returned. Submission of posters constitutes consent to use winner's names, likenesses, and entries for editorial, advertising, and publicity purposes. Students and the adult submitting the form are required to sign next to their name on the printed registration form and attach a copy of the printed registration form to the poster.