Problems in water heater repairement
This article is concerned about the electric water heater repair. Details about the very fast water heater repair are mentioned in steps. The very first step in the repair of the water heater is to check the electric panel of the heater. There is a circuit breaker installed in the electric panel that is used for ensuring the safety of the water heater. It is important to make sure that the circuit breakers are at the on position and they are not present in the tripped off position. Another important thing in this regard is that if there are fuses used in the electric panel than it is good to make sure that the fuses are installed accurately and they are not blown out. In case the fuses and the circuit breakers are present in the right state than we have to check other parts of the electric water heater. The next thing in the repair is to check the shut off power of the heater.

Almost all the heaters are offered the voltage that can cause shocks, hazards and even death if it comes in contact with the conductor and the body. This panel offers safety to the person who is operating the electric water heater by preventing the accidental energizing of the circuit. It keeps the fuses and the breakers to the off position while you are working on the electrical water heater. The next step is to remove the upper portion of the access panel of the heater. Check the wiring of the panel by using the voltmeter. In case the power is on, it is important to stop proceeding and check the panel's fuses and the breakers. In case there is a long working required on the panel make sure to remove the fuses and the breakers so that someone else cannot turn the circuit on.

The next step is to check the thermostat and the temperature switch of the heating panel. For this purpose it is necessary to remove the thermal insulation. Once the insulation is removed, make sure that the shock protectors that are made of plastic are completely visible to you. Remove the access terminals and check the entire panel careful. In case some wiring is short or any other damage is done to the wires, remove the defect. The possible damages are rust which is conductive, wiring damage such as short circuit and the damage to the wires.

In case all the above parts are working accurately than you have to check the heating element and its circuitry. For this purpose you have to test the ground voltage, measure the actual voltage, replace the batteries if necessary, set the bottom thermostat to the minimum, set the top thermostat to the maximum and after that restore the power to the water heater. By applying these steps all the things important to the repair of the electric water heater can be checked and in case there is some damage then it can also be repaired.
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