Review request
If you don't want to fill it, you can email me, but it will keep things easy!
  • I usually write review day after I finish the book, but it may take me some time if my shedule with studying or reviews is busy.
  • I will post it with my review. Also include social networks links, blog, pages, twitter, facebook, goodreads ect.
  • Also tell me, does it contain sex, violence, harsh language? Is it paranormal or not-paranormal?
  • Word count/pages
  • Leave me all links Amazon, smashwords, goodreads ect. At least one of them must contain cover of your book
  • Review and...
  • You will have to ship/send the prize to winner(s)
  • Write how if yes and provide links. I make giveaways with rafflecoopter.
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