2018 Brewery & Cidery Application
23rd Annual Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza
August 2–5, 2018
  • Blues and Brews in the High Sierra!

    Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza takes place August 2–5, 2018, though the Grand Tasting is held on Saturday and Sunday, August 4–5. By submitting this application, your brewery/cidery will be considered for participation on either Saturday, Sunday, or both days. We thank you for your interest and we will contact you should a space become available.

    All breweries must fit the definition of “craft” by the Brewers Association (https://www.brewersassociation.org/statistics/craft-brewer-defined/).

    All California breweries must be members in good standing of the CCBA. To join the CCBA visit http://www.californiacraftbeer.com/ for membership information.
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  • Main communication channel
  • This will go on the Breweries page, and will link back to your website.
  • You will receive 4 complimentary 4-Day Passes (food vouchers not included) for brewery employees. Up to 6 additional passes are available for purchase at a discounted price.
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  • Insurance Requirements

    Mammoth Beers special event insurance carrier requires that all participating vendors, breweries, and contractors provide a current and valid certificate of insurance naming Mammoth Beers, dba Mammoth Brewing Company, and the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) as additional insured for the 23rd Annual Mammoth Festival of Beers and Bluesapalooza. Details will be forthcoming if you are chosen to participate.
  • Accommodations

    All participating breweries will receive a lodging credit of $125/night for two or three nights (determined by your invitation). Breweries pouring 1 day (Saturday or Sunday) will receive 2 nights lodging. Breweries pouring 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) will receive 3 nights lodging.

    We have a limited supply of discounted hotel rooms and condos available to us, and our event staff will make every attempt to place participating breweries in suitable accommodations as requested. Be advised that the Town of Mammoth Lakes is completely booked for the festival weekend.
  • Please Bring

    Like last year, the event license holder and bar sales beneficiaries are the California Craft Brewers Association and other non-profit organizations. We ask that you bring:

    - 4 kegs (2bbls, either on draft or case equivalent), if you are pouring on Saturday only, of your most popular and/or unique beers.
    - 3 kegs (1.5 bbls, either on draft or case equivalent), if you are pouring on Sunday only of your most popular and/or unique beers.
    - 7 kegs (3.5bbls, either on draft or case equivalent) if pouring both days.

    You also will need to bring draft equipment and other customary stuff, and this will all be outlined in a separate letter.
  • We Provide

    - The Festival will provide a lodging credit of $125/night for up to 3 nights’ lodging
    - Attendance at Brewer’s Reception on Friday night*
    - Brewer’s Bux (redeemable at Festival Merch Tent), and other brewery goodies
    - Four (4) complimentary 4-Day Brewer’s Wristbands for brewery employees
    - The opportunity to purchase up to six (6) 4-Day Passes at a discounted price (not Brewer’s Wristbands)

    *We will host the Friday Night Brewer’s Reception, inside the venue, for industry people only. Everyone attending the Reception must be wearing a Bluesapalooza wristband (either a complimentary BREWER’s Wristband or a purchased event wristband valid for attendance on Friday). Those wearing a BREWER’s Wristband will receive complimentary admission to the Reception. All others, with an event wristband, must a) be on the guest list, and b) pay $20 at the entrance to the Reception.

    Brewers pouring on Saturday are welcome to taste beer on Sunday, and those pouring on Sunday are welcome to taste on Saturday during the Grand Tasting hours.
  • Brewery Agreement

    RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE: The Brewery, on behalf of itself, its successors, assigns, heirs, employees, officers, directors, and agents (hereinafter collectively “The Brewery and its Associates”), being fully aware that participation in the event titled MAMMOTH FESTIVAL OF BEERS AND BLUESAPALOOZA (hereinafter “The Event”), may expose The Brewery and its Associates to a risk of property damage, personal injury and/or death, hereby releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to sue CALIFORNIA CRAFT BREWERS ASSOCIATION, HARVESTMOON, INC and MAMMOTH BREWING COMPANY, their officers, directors, trustees, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers, and servants, and all other persons, associates, and contractors connected with The Event, and any other sponsors, individuals, or corporations associated with The Event (hereinafter collectively “The Companies and Sponsors”), from any and all liability, whether caused by negligence or recklessness of The Companies and Sponsors or otherwise, arising out of or relating to The Brewery and its Associates’ participation in The Event.

    INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: The Brewery shall indemnify and hold harmless The Companies and Sponsors against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, suits in law or equity, personal injuries, death, damage, costs and liabilities of every kind and nature whatsoever, directly or proximately resulting from or caused by any act or omission of The Brewery and its Associates, or any of its guests, patrons, or invitees, arising out of or relating to The Event (hereinafter “Brewery-related Claim”), and The Brewery shall, at its sole risk and expense, defend any and all Brewery-Related Claims that may be brought or instituted against The Companies and Sponsors, and The Brewery shall pay and satisfy any judgment or decree which may be rendered against The Companies and Sponsors in any Brewery-related Claim, and the Brewery shall pay for any and all damage, theft, or loss to the property of The Companies and Sponsors directly or proximately caused by The Brewery and its Associates, guests, patrons, and invitees.

    SCOPE OF RELEASE AND SECTION 1542 WAIVER: The Brewery, on behalf of The Brewery and its Associates, agrees to this Release of Liability and Covenant Not to Sue with full knowledge of California Civil Code Section 1542 which reads: “A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor.” The provisions of this statute are hereby waived.
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