Graphics Purchase Form
Try to be as clear as you can. Remember all the payments must be made on PayPal AS A GIFT. After you send your order, I will get back to you to confirm the request. Please choose only what you need. Thank you!

Before you go on with the purchase form, you need to know how it works.
Step 1: Contact. You make the order and I will contact you via email or Skype.
Step 2: We'll discuss what you want doing. It's good if you have an idea of what you want for your design, but it can be as vague or as specific as you like.
Step 3: From there, I'll draw up a finalised sample and send it to you with a watermark. If you're happy with it then we go to STEP FOUR, but if not then we'll make changes until you are happy – none should pay for something they're not happy with.
Step 4: Then the money changes hands, but put simply – once the money is cleared in my PayPal account the files are sent over with no watermark, along with the copyright to the work. I will tell you the paypal account after you contact me.
Step 5: Unfortunately, with most designers the process stops here, but not with me. Some need help to utilise their new designs, so I'm here to talk you through putting it up on your channel/twitter, wherever it might be. I also like to drop a cheeky tweet showing my latest work, but also to give you guys a bit of exposure!
  • Insert your name or the YouTube Username
  • Used to comunicate. No SPAM! This is the primary contact way! Check the mail daily to see the response from me!
  • Select one or more items.
  • Example: Partner YouTube Backgound: Background Color - Black, some simple textures on it, 3D tech text, color green, with some flares on it. The links on the background will be. Facebook, Designer, Twitter. Please center the text and the links under the text. Also please include the Machinima logo because I'm a director.
    Avatar: Use my short nick : NKZ with the same colors you used on the background.
  • Normal, the graphics creation time depends on how many requests I got. Paying this tax puts you at the top of the list.
  • I am NOT responable for any kind of action the customer (under/above 18) makes (includes but not restricted to theft, usage of money without permision). Once the money are sent, I cannot sent them back!
  • Payments are made with PayPal as a GIFT!!
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