Healing Ministry Application
Sozo/ Inner Healing / Deliverance
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  • Do you have children?
    How many?
    If No, type N/A
  • What church, if any, do you attend?
    How long have you been attending?
    If No, type N/A
  • Who referred you to the SoZo ministry?
  • (NOTE: Living Waters is recommended for those requesting a Sozo prayer session. Please email Laurel Hall for class information at livingwaterswol@gmail.com.)
  • Emotional/physical distress
    Demonic activity
    Physical illness
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    Emotional Distress Level
    Physical Distress Level
    Impact on Relationships
    Impact on Your Current Quality of Life
  • Pastoral Care
    Healing Rooms
  • Care under a Psychiatrist
    Care under a Therapist
  • As soon as your paperwork is received, we will contact you and place you into the queue for the next available appointment.

  • I, (Enter Name)
    acknowledge that team members from Sozo Ministries of Water of Life Community Church have voluntarily agreed to pray for me. I understand that this session is not a professional counseling meeting and that none of the team members are licensed counselors. I understand that these team members are, to the best of their ability, doing what they can to help me achieve more freedom in my life.
    I understand that Water of Life Community Church is a nonprofit California Corporation that makes no charge for its services. I further state that I have voluntarily sought assistance of my own initiative and that I am under no obligation to accept or reject any of the advice or help that I might receive from the team members of this ministry.
    I understand, am aware of, and assume all risks inherent in participating in the Sozo Ministries of Water of Life Community Church. These risks include, but are not limited to, physical and emotional responses and reactions as a result of this prayer ministry.
    I understand that, if I receive ministry from Sozo Ministries, the team is committed to respect the disclosed information, but not to complete confidentiality. The information, as needed, may be shared with other leaders of Sozo Ministries so as to further your total healing process. This may include future meetings with spiritual mentors in the church to set appropriate boundaries for your personal and spiritual growth.
    I agree to hold Water of Life Community Church and its team members free from any and all liability, loss or damage of any kind that may arise as a result of assistance which I have received or from my involvement with Water of Life Community Church.
    I have read this disclaimer and release of liability and understand and agree with it and have executed it as my free and voluntary act.
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