Howard University TRiO Scholars Program
2014-2015 Application

The TRiO Scholars Program provides qualified undergraduates with the academic assistance and support necessary to successfully complete a baccalaureate degree. Services are available at no cost to help participants achieve their academic goals. Students selected to participate in the program receive:

√ Academic and career advisement
√ Academic tutoring
√ Professional and peer mentoring
√ Personal and group counseling
√ College survival workshops
√ Graduate school visits and preparation
√ Assistance with locating and completing financial aid resources
√ Cultural and social activities to enhance personal and social development
√ Grant aid assistance is also available to eligible participants

The TRiO Scholars Program is a federally funded Student Support Services (SSS) program. Our grant allows us to serve a selected number of participants annually.

Eligibility Requirements:

√ U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
√ Income qualified, first-generation college student OR a student with a disability
√ Enrolled at Howard University
√ Desire to enhance your academic experience

Program Staff:
Joseph B. Hill, Director
Tekora Scruggs, Program Coordinator
Blackburn Center G-18
Phone: 202.806.5132
Fax: 202.806.5148

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    Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Answering "Yes" or "No" will NOT automatically disqualify you from being in the program.

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