2017 KVCA Awards Ballot
You must be a Varsity High School Coach & a member of the KVCA to vote. All votes must be submitted by Friday, Oct 20, 2017.
  • Regional Awards

    Regional Player of the Year
    Relative to the talent level in your region:
    •Leadership- she makes the players around her better
    •Attitude on the court- she shows respect to everyone, teammates, coaches officials and opponents
    •Superior athletic skills in all aspects of the game, passing hitting, serving, defense, serve receive.
    •Work ethic- works hard in the gym

    Regional Coach of the Year
    •Talent Development- Gets the most out of their players
    •Win Loss record
    •Leadership- Helps other coaches, organizes tournaments
  • KVCA State Awards

    •Each KVCA coach will vote for 16 players that deserve All-State honors.
    •First and second team selections will be based on the number of votes each player receives. Coaches can only list THREE of their own players.
  • Miss Kentucky Volleyball

    •Coaches may submit one vote for Miss Kentucky Volleyball