2018 State Cup "Self-Scheduled" Game Form
Please use this form to verify that you have come to an agreement on a location and time for your team's scheduled preliminary game. EACH TEAM NEEDS TO FILL OUT THIS FORM FOR EACH GAME (So the state will receive two forms for each game)

This form should only be used by teams that were requested to self-schedule their matches outside of the tournament round robin dates.
  • Please include the game # in this confirmation form. If you do not know the game #, please state the opponent's team name.
  • Please state the opponent's contact you arranged this date and time with.
  • Please include the field name and field city.
  • Please include the field name and field city.
  • Preliminary games must take place between May 1 and May 26, 2018 unless a later date in specified and/or approved by the state.