Gr 9-12 High School Intent to Participate
If your school includes other grades you will need to fill out a K-4 Elementary School and/or a Grades 5-8 Middle School form in addition to this one. If you have any questions email

Please note this form allows you to add all the people who can eneter studets to avoid confusion.Please have their names and emails at the ready when you fil out this form.
  • If other applies you will have an opportunity to explain your involvement with your local fair
  • If you selected other above please explain your involvement with the your local Fair
  • The best email for us to reach you.
  • additional method to reach you.
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    This is optional
  • if you have an extension please enter it here
  • Please enter the parent or person in charge of your home schooled child.
  • We would like to reach out to all the schools in your District. The easiest way to do that is direct contact with someone who is involved with science in that building. Please enter as much information as you can so we can contact them.
  • Students will be given an opportunity to decide this just before the final entries are submitted and we know the exact date of Science Congress as there may be conflicts. This box gives us a rough idea of who might be considered.
  • ONCE YOU SELECT SELF PAY YOU WILL BE SENT TO THE SELF PAY FORM please copy that link and send to your students

    Once you select school will pay you will be directed to a form for us to bill them

    Once you select we can pay now using a credit card you will be directed to pay now with a cc

    Please note it is per students so if two students contribute it is $25 x 2 = $50 for that exhibit.
  • If no please send a check payable to PCDC PO Box 222 Carmel, NY 10512 or send via PayPal using email address equal to $25 per student if paying before mid February, $27.50 mid Fvruary, $30 mid march and $45 per student after 4/1)
  • Please note this is # of students. You can send up to 14 exhibits, but some may have multiple contributors and the fee is per student not per exhibit.