South Dakota State Soccer Association
submit by October 12th
  • Do you know a special parent who really puts the "V" in MVP? If so, SDSSA would like to hear from you.
    On an annual basis, SDSSA will pay tribute to South Dakota's outstanding soccer parent.

    • Candidates must be affiliated through an active SDSSA member association in good standing.
    • Candidate must have an outstanding record of participation.
    • Candidate should be involved in their community outside of soccer and an excellent role model in their community.
    • Candidate should have a favorable relationship with other members of the South Dakota soccer community.
    • Personal statement of “involvement.”
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  • Submit this Nomination form by October 12th

    This nomination form should be submitted by OCTOBER 12TH. Along with this form, email at least one but no more than three letters of recommendation, and samples to office@southdakotasoccer.com.