Self Booking Form
Once you've decided to book a show, this is a fast and easy way to book your magic show. You will receive an email from Cesar The Magician within 24 hours, confirming all of the details of your party.
  • Name of parent or adult booking the show
  • If you are booking me for a birthday, communion, christening, etc., what is your relationship to the celebrant? For example, mom, dad, grandma, aunt etc.
  • IF you are calling for a company, school, day care, scout pack, church or other organization--what is the name of your organization
  • If this is a birthday party, communion, christening, etc. what is the name of the celebrant?
  • (e.g. Birthday, Communion, Purim, Christening, Blue & Gold, Fun Day etc.)
  • If this is a birthday party, communion, christening, etc. how old is the celebrant?
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    Another number that I can reach you at on the day of the party. If the party will be at home, provide your home number, otherwise a good number would be your significant other's cell.
  • Please try to be as accurate as possible, but I realize you are guessing. You can also give me a range e.g. 15-20
  • I'm trying to understand the CORE age range of the children e.g. 3-9, or 4-12?
  • (e.g. Home, Akbar Restaurant, Anthony Michaels Pizzeria etc.)
  • What is the address of the party? If the party will be at home, please provide your home address and an apartment number in the STREET ADDRESS.
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    Please enter the MONTH, DAY, YEAR.
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    Please enter two digits in each box. For example: If your party starts at 4:30, enter 04 in the first box and 30 in the second box.
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  • E.g. Christopher 9, Natalie 7
  • Is there anything else you'd like me to know, or anything that is special or unique about your party, location, address, guests? Does your party have a theme?
  • Please check box to confirm that you will pay in cash (NO CHECKS) immediately upon completion of the show.