2018 Arbuthnot Honor Lecture host site application
Thank you for your interest in hosting the 2018 May Hill Arbuthnot Honor Lecture.

This application must be submitted electronically and is due by May 15, 2017. If you experience problems submitting the online form, please contact Arbuthnot Chair Betsy Bird at fusenumber8@gmail.com. If you wish to draft your responses on a Word document, you can access the May Hill Arbuthnot Application Word document form on the May Hill Arbuthnot webpage.

Please note that because this online application cannot be saved during its creation process, it will be necessary to fill it out completely before submitting it.

Please note as well that fields marked with red asterisks are required. (Screen readers will say the word “star.”)

For more information about the lecture, please refer to the May Hill Arbuthnot webpage.

  • Contact- name of person responsible for submitting this application.
  • Contact- name of person responsible for submitting this application

    There is no single factor that prevails over any other factor in selecting the host institution for the Lecture. Rather, the committee charged with the selection responsibility will consider a combination of factors from below.
  • Special reasons for applying such as particular interest in the work of the lecturer; an applicant's expression of the education goals of his or her community; a special celebration, etc.
  • Justification for this particular site, including how it represents geographical diversity in relation to past sites.
  • Recent lectures have hosted a range of 400-700 attendees.
  • The organizational and administrative capabilities of the person or group submitting an application evident in the enclosed proposed budget, and partly manifested in the presentation of the application itself. Please note that ALSC will contribute $2,000 in financial support to the host site selected.
  • The extent to which meaningful cooperation among various local or area groups would suggest an ability to share responsibilities as to personnel, time, and money needed to cover local expenses.
  • Emphasis on the lecture as a distinctive event publicized and open to all potential attendees in the region is a priority for each Arbuthnot Lecture.
  • Individual who would be directly responsible for coordinating all local arrangements.

  • Please list the name and telephone number of the person to contact if questions should arise during committee deliberations at the time of 2017 Annual Conference in Chicago, June 23-28, 2017.


    Letters of support from administrators and co-sponsors, detailed budget proposals, and other relevant documents should be submitted to Arbuthnot Chair Betsy Bird at fusenumber8@gmail.com within 24 hours of submitting the online application.

    All such materials should clearly indicate the name of the primary applicant or site. APPLICATIONS AND DOCUMENTS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE CANNOT BE CONSIDERED.

    Please submit your documents, or to request more information or clarification to Arbuthnot Chair Betsy Bird at fusenumber8@gmail.com.

    *Application and documents must be RECEIVED by May 15.

    We accept the responsibilities outlined in the Information Sheet and as outlined below.
  • This is considered your electronic signature.
  • This is considered your electronic signature.

    1. To act as host for the May Hill Arbuthnot Lectureship in April or early May 2018. The date to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the lecturer and the host institution.
    2. To arrange and pay for the local expenses of the lecturer. If a display of the lecturer's published works (e.g., books, articles, etc) is arranged, it will be at the host's expense, not the lecturer's. The Arbuthnot fund only covers the honorarium ($5,000) and travel expenses to and from the host city.
    3. To arrange and pay for a reception, dinner, or other hospitality honoring the speaker following the lecture and to pay for all local lodging, meals, taxis, etc. of the lecturer. ALSC will contribute $2,000 to the selected host site to be used to offset expenses.
    4. To prepare and distribute regional publicity. ALA will issue national press releases. Further local and regional publicity is the responsibility of the host institution, including production of any print program or promotional materials.
  • 5. The lecturer is not to be invited to give any talks the week preceding the May Hill Arbuthnot Lecture at the host institution or in the immediate vicinity. The lecture is responsible for presenting the Arbuthnot Lecture only. If applicable, autographing and sale of books may be arranged with the publisher by the host institution. Any other programs/events (other than those promoting the lecture) must be arranged with the lecturer's publisher(s) or agent, must be arranged with the lecturer's knowledge and permission, must be funded separately, and must occur no sooner than one day following the lecture. All programs/events/activities must appear on a master schedule available in advance to the committee chair, the Association for Library Service to Children office, and the lecturer.

    Once you click the submit button your application will be sent to the selection committee. You will receive confirmation that your proposal has been received. If the form will not submit, please scroll up to see required fields marked with a read asterisks that have been left blank. All required fields must be filled out.

    If you have any questions, please contact Betsy Bird, Arbuthnot Chair, at fusenumber8@gmail.com. All proposals must be submitted by May 15, 2017.