7 Mountains, 7 Stages, 7 Thousand Feet Elevation Gain! One Day
  • BC, or AB or whatever and your postal code please
  • ie...are you Male or Female?
  • I like entering Month, then Day, then Year.....
  • No? or Yes..(Specifiy...Penicillin, Food, Pain, etc)
  • Let us know what to look for in case of emergency...or to prevent one!
  • Area Code-123-4567
  • Nitty Gritty Stuff

    Please check through this next section carefully!
  • In Paypal you now pay only for entry fees the first time you visit there.
    Then we will redirect you to Paypal to pay for meals seperately. You can still select the multiple options above though.
    This low budget method helps us track payments and registrations in the simplest way....for us anyway!
  • I hereby acknowledge that I’m signing up for a world of hurt. I guarantee that I’m in at least “good” physical condition, recognizing that ‘poor’ to ‘fair’ conditioning will not get a person through this event. I fully acknowledge that this event carries with it certain risks inherent to travel and or competition in a remote wilderness setting, not the least of which is the possibility that I might get lost or eaten by a bear. As such, I have taken all appropriate precautions. My helmet, bicycle, shoes and other equipment are in good working order, and I trust my life and safety to them. I take full responsibility for myself during the course of this event. Me and my estate waive all legal right to file suit with the event promoter, benefactors, sponsors(including Barkerville Heritage Trust, Friends of Barkerville, and Barkerville Gold Mines), volunteers, and any others involved with the event. I won’t litter, but I will have fun!
  • The Weather in the Cariboos is unpredictable and extremely variable at this time of year. You MUST bear responsibility for bringing adequate warm spare clothing and fuel to get you through the day. You will get chilled from exertion at the least, and wind, snow, mud and rain at the most!

    See you here!