OFR Club Promotional Materials Check Order Form
You will receive 25 FREE Post Cards and 25 FREE Fliers in your new membership packet.

We offer Customized or Non Customized...

Our NON Customized Post Cards are ..
$24.99 for 100 Cards
$46.99 for 250 Cards
$89.99 for 500 Cards

Our Customized Post Cards would already have your Sponsor Name and Number preprinted on them and these are ..
$99.99 for 500 Cards
$189.99 for 1000 Cards

Our Flyers are Non Customized or Customized and are GREAT for handing out and they are ..
$29.99 for 100
$56.99 for 250
$129.99 for 500 customized or
$199.99 for 1000 customized

All of these prices include shipping and handling.
  • The Routing Number is (9) digits and is located on the far left on bottom of the check
  • The Account Number (digits vary) but it is the set of numbers in the middle section at the bottom of the check