Please fill out the information, when you click send, this form will be sent to our volunteer coordinator who will email you within 48 hours.
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    We ask for your phone # in case we have a lot of adoptions prior to your arrival...we can then call you to let you know that we don't need you to volunteer. It very rarely happens but we wish it would happen every month!
  • We ask your age because volunteers under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

    We encourage young volunteers to get involved but we do require an adult be present when they volunteer. List the name(s) of any volunteers who are under the age of 16. These volunteers will need an adult present with them during the entire offsite adoption.
  • PAWS of NE Louisiana Disclaimer

    PAWS of NE Louisiana will not be held liable for any injuries sustained during the offsite. If an incident with an animal or volunteer does occur, the volunteer needs to report the incident to a PAWS Board of Directors member immediately.

    Do be positive about your dog.
    Do make sure the dog has water & takes potty breaks.
    Do bring a folding chair to sit in.
    Do wear comfortable clothes & shoes.
    Do have fun.

    Don’t allow your dog to play with the other dogs inside Petco.
    Don’t allow children to put their faces next to the dog’s face.
    Don’t allow your dog to jump up on people.
    Don’t be pushy when someone is interested in your dog.
    Don’t be afraid to ask someone if you have a question.

    Once you have submitted your form, please be sure to check your emails over the next few days. You will receive an email that you need to respond to before we will commit you to a shift. Thanks so much for your interest in helping find homes for these wonderful pets!
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