WADA Team Application ~ 17FALL
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  • The regions in Virginia are divided by a line running south along Fairfax County Parkway, from State Route 7 to State Route 123, then south along State Route 123 to its intersection with Interstate Highway I-95.
  • If "TBD", please type TBD followed by the last name of the Captain. DO NOT include the Sponsor Name in this field. (It is automatically added later in front of the Team Name you enter here.)
  • If any of the Sponsor's contact info has changed, please select "Needs to be updated".

    Please complete for NEW sponsors or if Sponsor Info needs to be Updated.
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  • Mail Sponsor invoice to the Attention of....
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    Individual player rankings are available at http://wadadarts.org/LookLevelPlayer.asp
    If you have a new player joining that has a rank of N/A or you can not find, please select Unsure. Otherwise your players should be ranked AA, A, BB, B, C.
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  • Lookup Player Ranking at wadadarts.org/LookLevelPlayer.asp
  • By clicking Yes, you certify that this is a legal team per WADA Rules.

    Please be sure to complete the Exemption Request on the website at http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/0NW3X4o2183Rad35g.

    OR click the League button then click the Exemption Request under FORMS.
  • WADA Rules ~ Team Composition

    Divisions are given a maximum point allowance reflective of that team’s top 4 players.

    POINTS based on player rank:
    C =1 point
    B =2 points
    BB=3 points
    A =4 points
    AA=5 points

    TEAM allowances:
    C division teams are allowed 6 points
    B division teams are allowed 12 points
  • Indicate how you will pay for shooters fees. Shooters Fees are the end of Week 2 and unpaid teams are dropped after Week 3.
  • To reduce costs and save the trees please indicate your preference.

    Various announcements are made including any Rule Changes and, most importantly, you participate in Board of Director elections and vote on Bylaw Changes.

    Therefore it is IMPERATIVE that we obtain a quorum to conduct official business. Please indicate your Proxy instructions below.
  • If you do not attend, the Proxy you indicate above will vote in your stead. If neither your nor your Proxy attend, then you are automatically granting your voting Proxy to the Executive Dir.
  • Enter the name of your Proxy who will vote for you at the Captains Meeting if you do not attend.

    Enter any additional comments here.

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