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Niagara-on-the-Lake Wine Belt Tour

    Feel free to choose your stops from the following wineries, breweries and cider distilleries. Samples are complimentary for each guest at these locations
  • *Please Note: If Niagara Fun Tours is unable to secure a visit at one of your requested stops, we will recommend a suitable substitute

    **If your group would like a guided tour of the Chocolate Factory, this would count as one stop. You can choose to have a quick visit if you like, this can be your BONUS stop (see below)

    Included in your private tour booking is a complimentary stop at one of the following options. If your tour is running behind, this stop may be cancelled

  • *Please Note: Bonus stop is meant to be a quick 10-15 MIN visit. If your tour is running late, this stop may be cancelled

    Feel free to plan a stop for lunch while on tour. You can either use one of your allocated stops or add more time to your rental.
  • $ ($5-$10), $$ ($10-$15), $$$ ($15-$20)
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