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Please use this form to submit your announcement requests for our Sunday service programs and website.
  • Guidelines for Submitting Announcements

    As we continue to grow, communication about the wonderful ministry opportunities at St. Paul continues to be a high priority. As you submit your announcements, please keep in mind the following guidelines to keep our members & visitors informed in a clear, concise & meaningful manner.

    • Please update your announcement AT LEAST every 2 weeks. Fresh content keeps people interested!
    • Please do not include something in the written announcements if it is simply an ongoing event. Reserve written announcements for new information or starting activities.
    • Please make every effort to limit your announcements to basics: what is the event, when will it take place, and what is the next step to get additional information.
    • Submit your announcements by end of day Monday (five business days prior to Sunday) for them to be included in that Sunday’s announcements.
    Please be advised that your announcement may be edited due to space/content restrictions. THANK YOU!
    The deadline for announcement submission is Monday (five business days prior to Sunday) night at midnight. If you would like to submit an announcement for the bulletin, please do so by Monday for the following Sunday. Thank You.
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  • Announcement/Event Information

  • You can use the control (ctrl() key to select more than one date.
  • Please select where and how you would like us to announce. You may select more than one. If Bulletin (Please submit content for Bulletin announcement by Monday for Sunday). If Website (Deadline for website publicity is 2 weeks prior to the event.). If Pulpit Announcement (Subject to pastor’s discretion.).
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  • If event is being held at church where is it being held (e.g. fellowship hall, dock, classroom B-15, etc)
  • Why should people come to this event or pay any mind to your announcement? (Try to include websites, describe target audience, number of people expected to attend)
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  • Please upload any existing graphics (not produced by One Voice) that you would like used.
  • Please provide information for who people interested in responding will contact
  • Please provide information for who people interested in responding will contact
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    Please provide information for who people interested in responding will contact
  • Announcement/Event Approval & Additional Information

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