Reduced Study Load Application Form
Study Load Requirements

International students on student visas are expected to complete their course by the course end date on their Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). Usually you need to enrol in a standard load of 80 credit points per year or 40 points per semester. You can only reduce your study load and extend the expected duration of your course in limited circumstances.

When can I reduce my study load?

You are allowed to reduce your study load only in compassionate or compelling circumstances, or in the case of unit availability.

This is in line with the 2007 National Code legislation for International students.

Compassionate and compelling circumstances are considered only when a circumstance prevents you from enrolling in a full time study load (ie. an injury or traumatic experience), and you have provided valid evidence regarding the situation.

If you have been identified as Under Review or Unsatisfactory Progress, and have been issued a Learning Management Plan (LMP), you are able to enrol in a reduced study load without submitting an application.

What happens to my student visa?

If you are approved for a Reduced Study Load, it will be noted on your student file. Upon CoE expiry, students can request an extension based on RSL approval, if required.

Further information:
Office of International Services
T: +61 8 8946 7215
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  • Once you click 'submit' your application will be forwarded to the International Student Support team. You will receive an outcome within two weeks of submitting your application. Please note, you are not permitted to withdraw from any units until written permission from the International Office has been provided.