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    Please note: Our dies are not hand tools. You will need a cutting machine.
  • While we are not able to create hand punches we have the ability to make slim steel-rule dies compatible with consumer die-cutting machines (ie, Big Shot, Cuttlebug). If you do not have a machine, we can recommend one for you based on the die and the material you will be cutting.
  • If you have multiple shapes, please clarify 1) if you would like them on the same or separate die boards and 2) if they need to be close together or have space between them.
  • Registration pins are used to hold a specific size sheet of paper or other material in place. This is convenient if you need to print before you cut. (Pins are not compatible with all machines.)
  • Upload your drawing/image of the shape(s) you want made into a die. We accept PDF, JPEG, DXF/DWG, AI, EPS and PSD file formats. Please include dimensions. If you do not have a drawing, upload a photo of something similar to help us quote your die.
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