2015/2016 Fantasy Football NFL Playoff League
$10 for an entry into this league. This year I am enforcing a Hard Deadline of January 16th to receive your payment. Otherwise I will have the right to delete your team from the league. Please make payment arrangements before the 2nd week of games. Payment instructions will be emailed to you.

We will be selecting 10 players from the list below for our "fantasy teams". The players are listed with corresponding "salaries". The salary cap for each team will be $50.

All 10 players will be started and their cumulative statistics between Wild Card Weekend through Super Bowl Weekend will be recorded. The fantasy team that scores the most points over those 4 weekends will be declared the winner.

There will be a balance in strategy between the high scoring players and the players that will play 3 or 4 weekends, so please pick carefully.

If we have enough entrants, the top 4 teams will get cash prizes. Last year we had 128 entries and we split it up like this: 1st place - $700, 2nd place - $340, 3rd place - $160, 4th place - $80.

Further details will be sent out on Saturday.

Limit: 2 Entries per person. If I receive additional entries from a household, I would hope that each individual is picking their own team. No shenanigans!

Please see the link above the player pool for the scoring system we will use for the playoff league. We also have a website that list the rosters from all entrants and tabulates live scoring during the games. I will send out the link to that website on Saturday.

Deadline: Saturday, January 9th at 4:00 PM

Link to Scoring System

  • STEP 1: 2 QBs

    Pick 2 QBs whose salary may not add up to over $10
  • STEP 2: 2 RBs

    Pick 2 RBs whose salary may not add up to over $10
  • STEP 3: 2 WRs/TEs

    Pick 2 WRs/TEs whose salary may not add up to over $10
  • STEP 4: 1 Kicker & 1 Defense/Special Team

    Pick 1 Kicker and 1 Defense/ST whose salary may not add up to over $10
  • Important: Make sure you picked exactly one (1) Kicker and one (1) Defense/Special Team. You need one of each!
  • Step 5: 2 Flex Players (any position)

    Pick 2 players from any position whose salary may not add up to over $10 - *Bonus* - Read below.
  • Once double-checked, please Submit Your Selections. Thanks!
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