Nashville Membership Application
Thanks so much for your interest in Nashville Steals! We are thrilled to offer you affordable advertising on our website, We will appear with your product on Better Nashville, marketing through other websites, social media, etc.

Please fill out the application for consideration pf membership. Upon approval you will receive an invoice to reserve your spot!

Affordable Rates! Memberships run for 6 months. $35 a month for 6 months , paid in 1 installment up front. This will get your product on Better Nashville in our next available TV segment (1 time on TV per 6 months) and your product photo on our website for 6 months. The product may be switch out on the site 1 time a month to coincide with your monthly specials. We will appear on TV with your & 5 other shops products, briefly discuss each & the sale price & say "Go to Nashville to purchase these amazing deals & more! Even though your product is on TV 1 time during that 6 month period, shoppers will still visit, especially after each TV segment & they will still see your product featured! There are financing options through PayPal Bill Me Later, that we participate in & of course through your credit card company. $35 a month is an intro rate. The 1st to sign up under this rate will lock in that rate for future consecutive contracts.

Only 1 Company per 6 month period, i.e., Mary Kay, It Works, etc. Only one type per TV segment. If we have 2 jewelry shops, the 1st will go on & then the 2nd will follow on the next TV segment. So the viewers get a good mix & the shoppers get more focus on their product.

Your product photo will be added to our home page, with a BUY NOW! link & it will be redirected to your website, so they can buy directly from you. If you do not have a website, we can redirect to an info page with your business card image & how they may contact & purchase from you!

Who is this for? Any Small Business that offers a sale on their product or service. Direct Sales, Handcrafted items, Travel Agencies, Online business. Does not have to be a local business!

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

***WE HAVE ADDED 3 Financing options - Click "Client Finance Options" at the top of the website to review
  • Simply fill this our & we will contact you within a few hours!
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