Sideshow and Freakshow Banner Appraisal
Fill out the information below to have your banner appraised by an expert.
Make sure to include a photo of the banner. (Last item on the form below)
  • Please enter your first and last name.
  • Please enter your email address.
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  • Please let us know if this banner is for sale.
  • Let us know if the banner is signed by an artist, Usually in the bottom corners. (Ex. Fred G Johnson, Snap Wyatt, J. Sigler, Frierson, Johnny Meah)
  • Let us know what the title at the top of the banner says or if there is no title, what is the subject matter. (What is painted on the banner)
  • Tell us about the condition of the banner, Stains, rips or holes in the canvas. Are the corner grommets intact?
  • Give us a measurement of the length and width of the banner in inches.
  • To get you the best appraisal we need to have a photo of the banner. Use this to send us a photo.
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