Station/Terminal Fleet Recruiting Ad Request

Thank you for your commitment building our fleet.

As we support our combined efforts with advertising and other marketing campaigns it is important for us to have the best information possible so that those investments produce the results we need.

The form below has the information we will need to build ads and submit them to our advertising partners.

All our partners are integrated with TenStreet and that is where you will find the leads generated from the ads. When you provide us with the correct work list and recruiter, they will automatically feed to your specific queue for follow-up.

Some listings will fall under our established budgets with our advertising partners. Those budgets are typically reserved for over-the-road drivers or national accounts and are charged to corporate overhead for recruiting which is a shared expense.

However, all local positions and company drivers that are associated with a specific station can potentially have charges allocated back to that specific terminal. We will advise you in advance of the charges with information about the advertiser used and type of ad for your approval. You will have the opportunity to renew on a month-to-month basis or cancel based on the job being filled.

Please complete the below in its entirety.

Thank you!
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  • Job requisition number ADP
    Type of equipment they will be operating
    Hours/shifts needed to work
    Other duties (if any)
  • Job requisition number ADP
    Hours/shifts needed to work
    Other duties (if any)
  • Type of equipment needed
    Type of routes/driving (local, regional, dedicated, over-the-road)
    Expected home time
    Pay (if pay is specific to the client, let us know that)
    Other information about job if known (specific days of weeks needed, any special handling requirements)
    Average miles per week (if known)
    Solo vs. team if a requirement
  • Work list within TenStreet
    Recruiter within TenStreet
    Number of positions open