2019 Convention Registration Form
After completing this form, the company or individual will be billed for convention registration. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Lind at jlind@careproviders.org or 952-851-2493.
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  • A Nursing Facility/Assisted Living registration allows anyone currently working for that building to attend the convention under that registration.

    A Campus registration is for a nursing facility which is attached to an assisted living facility. If you register under a campus registration, anyone currently working for either attached building can attend the convention under that registration at a discounted rate.

    A Home Care registration allows anyone working for a Home Health Care Agency to attend convention at a group rate.

    A Corporate Office registration **NEW** allows anyone working at the corporate office to attend convention for one group rate.

    An Individual registration allows one person to attend the convention.
  • It is the goal of Care Providers of Minnesota to hold professional events where barriers of any type do not exclude people from attending or participating.

    If you have a condition that requires special accommodations, please contact Care Providers of Minnesota before the event.