Same Day Appointments are available only if confirmed by 11am on the of a session via sms/whatsapp, otherwise advance 1 day scheduling is preferred.

• All new gentlemen callers are required to pass screening. All information is kept secure, and confidential. Your answers on the questionnaire will give me the information I need to provide the best experience for you and will set the basis for our clear communications.
• PLEASE UNDERSTAND, MY SAFETY IS YOUR SAFETY. Not everyone who calls is coming from the highest of intentions. I screen in order to provide a safe sanctuary for you to unwind & leave the cares of the world behind. I create an optimal environment for true tantric blossoming to occur.

I thank you in advance for providing me with sufficient details so that I may give careful consideration to your offer for scheduling a Tantra session.
  • If not please refer to my website
    or email me for more details on
  • No need for the surname :)
  • *For our first get together, you will need to have access to your cell phone or you will not be able to enter my building.
    *Call from the phone number you have given me. I want to take your call, so please make it easy for me to do so.
  • Double check if your email is spelled correctly as no valid email prevents me from replying
  • Let me know something about you too :)
  • / / :
  • Available in dubai only till the 16th of Apr
  • I take limited session per day so please book ahead as I only have some energy and strive to give the best of myself in my session so that you are very happy! *

    Terms & Conditions apply for Special Offers in 2015 (please ask)
  • Please provide at least 1 strong reference of Tantric Provider you met before for my safety and comfort level (all data are confidential and for screening purposes only)
  • Please tell me in your own words what you are hoping to receive, achieve and/or relieve through our session together. Based on the information you provide here I will decide which session is best for us to begin with and will help us establish a basis for the ongoing development of our practice and progress together.
  • Please ask, comment or tell me more about what you need and what you are searching for. Be as honest as you can be. It enables me to plan the best experience possible.
  • If you feel so inclined and want me to meet you quicker :)