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  • Business Coffee House Coffees

  • Quantity
    4813 42ct BC Colombian 1.50oz
    42ct. BCS 100% Colombian, 2.00oz
    42ct. BCS 100% Colombian, Decaf 1.50oz
    42ct. WB Costa Rican 2.00oz
    Cof WB Decaf 1.5oz 42 ct
    42ct. WB Donut Shop 2.00oz.
    42ct. WB Maui Dark Roast 2.00oz.
  • Flavored Gourmet Coffee

  • Quantity
    4751 24ct. Southern Pecan 1.5oz
    4754 24ct. French Vanilla 1.5oz.
    4756 24ct. Hazelnut 1.5oz
    20ct. Crazy Jamaican
  • National Coffee Brands

  • Quantity
    480 18ct. Starbucks House Blend 2.5oz
    18ct. Starbucks DECAF
    18ct. Starbucks Breakfast 2.5oz
    18ct. Starbucks Veranda Blonde 2.5oz.
    42ct. Folgers vacpac reg. .9oz
    4-10ct. Folgers Filterpack reg. .9oz.
    42-10ct. Folgers Filterpack decaf. .9oz.
    42c. Maxwell Filterpack 1.2 oz
  • Single Cups

  • Quantity
    WB Whole Bean Colom. Blend Dark Roast 2 lb
    Nestle Hot Chocolate -Bag 2 lbs
    Nestle ButterFinger Hot Chocolate -Bag 2 lbs
    Cof Café Mocha Nescafe - Bag 2 lbs
    Hottie Cream Mix
    NESCAFE French Vanilla Cappuccino 2 lb
    Tea S& D Sweet Tea BIB 2/1.5gal.
    Tea S&D Unsweet Tea BIB 2/1.5gal.
    Aspen Colombian Dark Roast Liq. Coffee
    Aspen Colombian Decaf. Liq. Coffee
  • WOLFGANG PUCK Pod Coffee & Tea

  • Quantity
    WP Toscana 18 ct light pod
    WP Sorrento 18 ct medium pod
    WP Sorrento Decaf 18 ct medium pod
    WP Fortuzzo 16 ct. dark pod
    WP Noir 16 ct EXTRA BOLD POD
    WP October Spice 18 ct. Pod (seasonal)
    WP French Vanilla 18 ct. pod
    WP Caramel Cream 18 ct. pod
    WP Hawaiian Hazelnut 18 ct. pod
    WP Jamaican Me Crazy 18 ct. pod
    WP Chamomile Lemon 18 ct. pod
    WP Earl Grey Tea 18 ct. pod
    WP English Breakfast Tea 18 ct. pod
    WP Pan Fired Green Tea 18 ct. pod
    WP Chai Tea 18 ct. pod
    WP Tropical Coconut Green Tea 18 ct. pod
    WP Peppermint Tea 18 ct . Pod
  • White Bear Pods

  • Quantity
    WB Premium Colombian Pod 30ct.
    WB Donut Shop Blend Pod 30ct.
    WB Premiun Decaf Pod 30ct.
    WB Maui Dark Pod 30ct.
    WB Espresso Pod 30ct.
    WB Costa Rican 30ct.
    WB Hazelnut Pod 30ct.
    WB French Vanilla Pod 30ct.
    WB White Chocolate Caramel Pod 30ct.
    WB Crazy Jamaican 30ct.
    WB Pumpkin Spice 30ct.
  • Keurig Coffee

  • Quantity
    Cof Keurig Breakfast Blend 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Chai Latte 24 ct **
    Cof Keurig Colombian FT Select 24 ct **
    Cof Keurig Dark Magic Extra Bold 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Decaf Variety Pack 24 ct **
    Cof Keurig Donut Shop 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Flavor Variety Pack 24 ct
    Cof Keurig French Roast 24 ct **
    Cof Keurig French Vanilla 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Hazelnut 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Hot Coca24 ct
    Cof Keurig Nantucket Blend 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Newmn Decaf Specl 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Newmn Spic XtrBld 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Regular Variety Pack 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Southern Pecan 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Starbks Pike Pl Rst 24 ct
    Cof Keurig Vermont Country Decaf 24 ct **
    Cof Keurig Starbucks Veranda 24 ct.
    Tea Keurig Cozy Chamomile 24 ct
    Tea Keurig Earl Grey 24 ct **
    Tea Keurig English Breakfast 24 ct **
    Tea Keurig Green Tea 24 ct
    Tea Keurig Green Tea Decaf 24 ct
    Tea Keurig hot apple cider 24 ct
    Tea Keurig Mandrn Or Spice 24 ct **
    Tea Keurig Mint Medley 24 ct
    Tea Keurig Southern Sweet Tea 24 ct **
    Tea Keurig Variety Pack 24 ct
    Tea Keurig Lemon Zinger
  • Tea

  • Quantity
    Perks Tea Filter Pack 96ct./1oz.
    Perks Tea Filter Pack 24ct./4oz.
    Lipton Tea 100ct.
    Lipton Decaf. Tea 72ct.
    Cozy Chamomile 28ct.
  • Sweeteners

  • Quantity
    Sugar canister 20oz.
    Sugar Packets 2000ct.
    Sugar Bag 2 lb
    Sweet & Low 400ct.
    Equal 500ct.
    Splenda 500ct.
    Sweet Thing 1250 ct
  • Creamers

  • Quantity
    Cream packets 900ct.
    Cream canister 12oz.
    Coffeemate Cream canister 11oz.
    CM Regular creamer 3/8oz 50 ct
    CM French Vanilla cr. 3/8oz 50 ct
    CM Hazelnut creamer 3/8oz 50 ct
    CM Café' Mocha cr. 3/8oz 50 ct
    Cream Carmel Van 3/5oz 50 ct
    CM Irish creamer 3/8oz 50 ct
    CM Cinnamon Vanilla Crème 3/8oz
    CM French Vanilla 180ct. 3/8oz
    CM Hazelnut 180ct. 3/8oz
    CR 1/2&1/2 LOL MINI MOOS 192 CT
    Cream SF Fr Van 3/5oz (50)
  • Hot Choc & Drinks

  • Quantity
    50ct. Swiss Miss W/Marshmallows
    24ct. Swiss Miss Low cal
  • Can Drinks & Bottled Water

  • Quantity
    Ozarka water, 16 oz. 24 ct.
    Sprite, 12oz. Can 35ct.
    Sprite Zero, 12oz. Can 2X12CT
    Coca Cola, Can 35 ct
    Diet Coca Cola, 12oz.Can 35 ct
    Dr. Pepper, 12oz. Can 35 ct
    Diet Dr Pepper, 12oz.Can 35 ct
    Big Red,12oz. Can 24ct.
    Coke Zero, 12oz. Can 35 ct
    Mountain Dew, 12oz.Can 24 ct
    Diet Coke, caffeine free, Can 35 ct.
    A & W Rootbeer, 12oz.Can 24ct
    Lipton Brisk Tea, 12oz. Can 24ct.
    Pepsi, 12oz Can 24ct.
    Diet Pepsi, 12oz. Can 24ct.
  • Cups & Supplies

  • Quantity
    Cups 4 oz Cone(case)
    24ct. Swiss Miss Low cal
    2500ct. 5oz. Plastic cup
    1000ct. 6oz. Styrofoam cup
    1000ct. 8oz. Styrofoam cup
    1000ct. 10oz. Styrofoam cup
    1000ct. 12oz. Styrofoam cup
    1000ct. 16oz. Styrofoam cup
    1000ct. 8oz. Cup Lids
    1000ct. 10oz. Styrofoam Lids
    1000ct. 12oz. Styrofoam Lids
    1000ct. 16oz. Sytrofoam Lids
    Paper Plates 9 In(600)
    1ct. Roll Paper towel
    5" Stir Stix
    8" Stir Stix Case
    50ct. Sm. Coffee Filters
    Salt Shaker 1 each
    Pepper Shaker 1 each
    Salt Bag (1000 CT)
    Pepper Packet (6000 CT)
    Hvy Wt Forks 600 ct
    Hvy Wt Spoons 600 ct
    Hvy Wt Knives 600 ct
    Dinner Napkins 100 ct
    250ct. Lg. Coffee Filters 1.5gal.
    Bowl 20 oz (120)
    Plates 8.5 In (250 paper)
    Paper Plates, 6 " Case
    Plates Dixie 6 7/8 (300 ct)
    Salt, Individual, Iodized (box 6)
    Mayonaisse Ind PPI (200)
    Mustard Ind
    Ketchup Ind
  • Water Cooler Rentals

  • Quantity
    COLD & HOT or Cook and cold
    Water cooler annual rental (12mos)