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Community Creations Advertiser Agreement
Fill out the form below to reserve your spot on the Community Creations Hometown Montage in your area.
  • Which community montage are you reserving a spot on? Please include city and state.
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  • Please choose which level of sponsorship/representation you would like to reserve.
  • You will need to submit pictures of your building and/or sign and logo in order for our artist to create a rendering. If you have those files ready to send now, you may submit them with your order. If you do not have them ready to send, you can email them to us later.
  • Please sign to confirm your reservation of a spot on the drawing and acceptance of the terms of this agreement. Terms: This contract, which is for the sale of advertising space and not for the sale of goods, is non-cancellable by advertiser during the contract period and advertiser acknowledges full and complete understanding of the terms contained herein. Advertiser further acknowledges upon signing of this contract that he has not relied upon any promise, statement or representation other than as contained between the parties, and upon submission of this order form will be invoiced for a participation fee as specified by advertiser's selection in the "Level of Participation" field above. The undersigned advertiser acknowledges printing a copy of this agreement at the time of the execution (by clicking the "Print This Submission" button at the top of the form after filling in all fields). Community Creations’ liability for errors or omissions is limited to the amount of this contract. Upon project completion, all prints will be delivered to a local distribution point in the area for pick-up by sponsoring organizations. Delivery will take place approximately 120 days from the date of the last advertiser’s paid order. By filling out this form and submitting an order, the named sponsor company respresentative above acknowledges their understanding that this is an artistic interpretation of their community, featuring sketches of historic buildings, landmarks, and sponsors's places of business and logos (according to sponsorship level selected). No photography or typesetting will be used other than as reference material.
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