Please submit this form if you are in need of live worship for your ministry's event. We request that you complete and submit this form at a minimum of 6 weeks prior to your event. This gives us enough time to properly staff and allows our team time to prepare. We will do our absolute best to accommodate what you are requesting, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide worship for your event.
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  • (Please note: to be eligible for a band, there must be a minimum attendance of 100 people for youth services and minimum attendance of 200 people for adult services required)
  • If "Other", Please fill out the above box
  • If no worship leader is specified, we will select one for you which could include our Apprentices.
  • Event/Service Details

    Please provide as much detail as possible of your vision for this event/service.
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  • This is the time the Worship Team arrives to set up and rehearse their set if needed. If a band of 3 or more people is requested, it is preferred to have 60 minutes to set up, sound check, and rehearse for a 15 minute worship set.
  • If nothing noted, we will uphold standard WOL Wardrobe Policy.
  • Examples - Communion, Alter call, Spirit Lead moment, Scripture reading, Prayer element.
  • 15 mins = 2-3 songs
    20 mins = 4 songs
    25 mins = 4-5 songs
    30 mins = 5 + songs
  • Please indicate name of the song and artist if you would like to request a specific song. In some cases, the ministry requesting a specific song may be responsible to pay for charts, MP3, and Tracks if they are not already available.
  • I have read the WOL Worship request policy and understand the terms as stated.