Mission.Earth - Application for Fiscal Sponsorship
This application is designed to provide us with enough information about an organization and its plans to determine if it is eligible for fiscal sponsorship. Additional information and communications may be necessary. Please fill out all of the requested information.
  • Basic Information

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  • If you do not have an "organization" please fill in a project name or title for mutual reference.
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  • (If your project has a website)
  • We will need a physical address for verification purposes.
  • If you answered "Other", please specify.
  • This amount is what you hope or expect to raise over the next twelve months.
  • (It's okay if you don't)
  • (Again, it's okay if you don't have a budget yet)
  • We are not a financial institution but we do enter into a financial contractual arrangement with our partners. In the spirit of compliance with the customer identification and verification requirements under Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act May 9, 2003, we require that you provide a copy of your state identification (driver's license) or your passort.

  • If available, please provide the following documents:

  • Application Fee: WAIVED AT THIS TIME