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  • One Year email support for operational issues - also includes two phone calls. If purchased with the initial license purchase, for the duration that it is kept active, you have access to free product upgrades.
  • Three Hours of Phone Support,
    Remote Sessions and Programming Within One Year .
  • To Help Get Started Quickly, We Suggest Our New User JumpStart Pack.
    It Includes:
    Three Phone Contacts for Data Planning & Organization
    Two Remote Sessions for Data Plan Implementation or Training
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  • To Help with Migration from an Existing System, This Tool Will Create Your Fixed Assets and Jobs from Excel (.CSV) Files
  • Easier than Email!
    Colleagues can Enter Work Requests Via this Web Portal.
    These Demand Jobs will Immediately Show on the Control Panel
  • If You do not have SMTP/POP3 Email Service, get an I'mOnIt! Email Box for your Demand Jobs
  • Necessary to Re-Register a License as in the Case of Workstation Reload or Migration to a New Workstation
  • I'mOnIt! is offered as a download.
    You can also purchase a CD if you like.
    (US 48 Contiguous States Only)