Errigle Plus - New Members
Terms & Conditions
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  • When applying for a Errigle Plus card you will be asked to provide certain personal information, including your name and contact details. We are committed to maintaining the security of your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is kept secure against unauthorised access, loss, disclosure or destruction.

    Our Privacy Policy will apply whenever you provide us with personal information.
  • 1. All Errigle Plus participants must be aged 18 years or over. Proof of age will be required when applying for membership.

    2. If accepted as a member of Errigle Plus, the new member will be provided with a membership card which is individual to that member.

    3. Membership of Errigle Plus will permit each member to avail of selected products at member pricing during certain times.

    4. The Errigle Plus card is issued by and remains the property of TJ McGurran Limited which reserves the right, at any time without notice, to:

    terminate your Membership;
    decline to issue Membership; and
    withdraw or cancel Membership should any of the following occur:
    (i) any use or attempted use of an Errigle Plus Card in a manner which is contrary to these terms and conditions

    (ii) any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty on the part of a member in connection with their membership.

    (iii) failure to use the Errigle Plus card for a consecutive period of 12 months; or

    (iv) any other reason provided it is deemed appropriate.

    5. The Errigle Plus Card is not transferable and can only be used by the person whose signature is on the card.

    6. Participants may be removed from being a member at any time at the discretion of TJ McGurran Limited.

    7. Your Errigle Plus Card can be used at the Errigle Inn and Errigle Inn Off-Licence. Your Errigle Plus Card cannot be used as a credit card, cheque card, debit card, charge card or a guarantee card.

    8. Errigle Plus Cards remain the responsibility of the Errigle Plus Card holder.

    9. We reserve the right to cancel the Errigle Plus scheme at any time.

    10. Lost or stolen cards must be reported to the Duty Manager at the Errigle Inn. Replacement cards will incur an administration charge.

    11. TJ McGurran Limited will not be responsible for lost or stolen cards.

    12. Errigle Plus will not operate on the following days;
    - New Years Day
    - Saint Patricks Day
    - Christmas Eve
    - Boxing Day